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Vibration and Natural Frequency Testing of Ship-to-Shore (STS) Cranes

Cranes are used for lifting heavy loads in diverse sectors of industries like construction, manufacturing, shipbuilding, material loading and much more. ZPMC is a multinational Engineering company and is one of the largest manufacturers of cranes in the world today. The present task involved Vibration and Natural Frequency testing on the STS cranes deployed at the Adani Mundra Port, Gujarat.

Ground Induced Vibration Assessment & Investigation

The term ‘Vibration’ when applied to floors refers to the oscillatory motion perceived/experienced by the occupants of the building. In most cases, this motion is longitudinal (back & forth), but Transverse Vibration (up & down) is also possible. Ground-borne Vibrations are generally caused by dynamic loads applied to the floors by the machinery or any other source.

The present task involved detailed investigation and Vibration assessment at Pacific Industries, one of the global exporters and processors of Natural Stones with products like slab, tiles, etc.

The manufacturing and processing unit in Village Bedla, Udaipur possess two massive Quartz Press machines in operation. The corporate office building in the premises of the manufacturing plant was perceiving Vibration due to the operation of these existing machines causing deterioration of the structure quality. Furthermore, the customer has devised to deploy another Quartz Press machine of similar make and specifications (like that of Line 1) alongside the existing machinery.

Road Induced Vibration Testing on E-Bike Components

The urban mobility has become more challenging as there is increase in the number of vehicles on the road. Last mile connectivity is the major growth in India serving to use E-Bikes from metro stations and other transport hubs to reach their destinations. Yulu Bikes is one among the industries that help to improve last mile connectivity by introducing their E-Bikes and bicycles to make the transport seamless, sustainable and ease.

Four components namely, IoT, Lock, Battery and Controller units were assessed for their Operational Endurance and performance upfront before their inception into the real life usage.

Wind Turbine Generator Vibration Analysis

Wind Energy / Wind Power is one of the renewable sources of energy that is widely used as an alternative to many non-renewable resources like Fossil fuels; Wind Turbine Generators convert the Kinetic energy in the wind to Mechanical Power and the Generator converts it into Electricity.

Majority of the Wind Turbines consist of 3 turbine blades mounted to the mast/tower. A streamlined enclosure called Nacelle houses the turbine components that includes main shaft, gear box and generator at around 104 meters above the ground.

Assessment of Noise & Vibration emanation from Aircraft Engine to the surrounding.

Airborne Noise, a major output of Aircraft Engines that can exceed 130 dB (threshold of pain) is the prime cause for human discomfort and damage to other exposed structures around its vicinity.

One of the burgeoning International Airports of India is incepting an Aircraft Engine testing facility adjacent to the existing Fuel farm; thus, it is important to assess the impact of Engine Noise (Airborne) and Vibration (groundborne) to its surrounding and in particular to the aircraft fuel storage area upfront.