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Natural frequency testing of STS cranes

M/s. ZPMC Engineering (India) Pvt. Ltd. hired NV Dynamics to determine the natural frequency of the recently commissioned STS (Ship-to-Shore) cranes at Mundra Port, Gujarat. It is important to determine the natural frequency of the cranes to avoid the condition of resonance when the crane is operating under different loading and braking conditions and to check whether, in the long run, these natural frequencies change due to structural deterioration.

Assessment of low frequency oscillations of Pedestrian bridge

NV Dynamics was retained to undertake vibration assessments on a 160m long pedestrian walkway bridge within a prominent IT city in the southern part of India. The objective of the task was to investigate reported low-frequency oscillations experienced by pedestrians while walking on the bridge, which caused discomfort.

Frequency response testing of a stator

NV Dynamics was retained by a very popular automotive behemoth to conduct frequency response testing on several electric drive motor’s ‘stator’, to determine natural frequencies in the installed condition and check the consistency between identical stators.

Hand Arm and Whole-Body Vibration Assessment

The objective was to evaluate the effects of vibration from the construction equipment on the operator at a construction site in Hyderabad, overseen by Suroj Buildcon Pvt Ltd.

For evaluating the hand transmitted vibrations, ISO 5349: “Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibration” was followed and to evaluate the whole-body vibrations, ISO 2631: “Mechanical vibration and shock- Evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration” was followed in the sensor mounting and data acquisition processes.

Ground Vibration Assessments at construction site:

NESTLED HAVEN DEVELOPERS LLP hired NV Dynamics to assess the vibration produced by their construction activity like piling operations, deep excavation, shoring etc and to evaluate its effect on the structural integrity of the Woodlands hotel located adjacent to the construction site.

Seismic grade accelerometers were used at multiple locations along the perimeter of the compound wall of the hotel to assess the vibration impacts from construction activities. In addition to these tests, soil transmissibility assessments were also carried out using calibrated weight drop test at a set distance from the hotel compound wall.