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TT-7 Turbine Generator Set Vibration Analysis

Tata chemicals at Mitapur engaged NV Dynamics to conduct vibration assessments of the Turbine Generator Set consisting of steam turbine, single-stage speed reduction gearbox and generator in addition to this the support structure on which the turbine generator set is mounted was also reported to exhibit high vibrations.

Tri-axial accelerometers were mounted at both NDE and DE side of the generator bearing housing, gearbox bearing housing, NDE of steam turbine along with this uni-axial accelerometers were mounted on the support structure platform and supporting columns. The accelerometers were then connected to multi-channel data acquisition system along with appropriate phase and speed tracking devices.

Vibration Analysis of Exhausters

The present task pertains to the vibration analysis of two large exhauster fans used in the sintering process and to determine the causes of their reported shaft vibrations at exhauster Units of Sinter plant in Bhilai steel plant.

For the entire task, Tri-axial accelerometers were mounted at DE & NDE side of the motor bearing housing and DE & NDE of the impeller fan. The drive system containing the synchronous motor, pin bush type coupler and the impeller fan were run at the operating speed and recording was done for both with load and no load condition for about 5 minutes continuously on the data acquisition system.

Noise & Vibration study for Pune Metro Line-3

India, like the rest of the world, is implementing large scale urban transport systems to help ease the commuting time, safety and overall convenience to the users. Likewise, Pune IT City Metro Rail Limited (PITCMRL) retained NV Dynamics to investigate detailed assessment of noise and vibration for the entire alignment of 23.6km elevated metro line-3 at Pune city in India.

To assess the influence of metro rail induced airborne noise, as per the FTA recommendation a 16-hour daytime noise monitoring was conducted at each identified locations. The long term noise loggers were configured and set to record between daytime period of 6AM to 10PM each day at the listed locations and consecutively swapped to next locations in the order of locations as listed.

Road load data analysis on designated GE Payload

Varsha Road Carriers assigned us task to analyse the dynamic stability of payloads on the transport carriers on which GE’s crucial components were transported. The main agenda of this task is to determine the absolute and relative displacements of the payload during transportation and to observe the method of lashing for payloads during its road journey to the destination.

For this task, ultra-low frequency sensors were mounted on the selected two diagonally opposite payloads and in 2 mutually perpendicular directions. In addition to this tri-axial sensor was mounted on the trailer’s mid-frame. All sensors were connected to a synchronized GPS tagged data acquisition systems for displacement data recording all through the road trials.

Assessment of Noise & Vibration emanation from Aircraft Engine to the surrounding.

Airborne Noise, a major output of Aircraft Engines that can exceed 130 dB (threshold of pain) is the prime cause for human discomfort and damage to other exposed structures around its vicinity.

One of the burgeoning International Airports of India is incepting an Aircraft Engine testing facility adjacent to the existing Fuel farm; thus, it is important to assess the impact of Engine Noise (Airborne) and Vibration (groundborne) to its surrounding and in particular to the aircraft fuel storage area upfront.