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Hand Arm and Whole-Body Vibration Assessment

The objective was to evaluate the effects of vibration from the construction equipment on the operator at a construction site in Hyderabad, overseen by Suroj Buildcon Pvt Ltd.

For evaluating the hand transmitted vibrations, ISO 5349: “Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibration” was followed and to evaluate the whole-body vibrations, ISO 2631: “Mechanical vibration and shock- Evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration” was followed in the sensor mounting and data acquisition processes.

Ground Vibration Assessments at construction site:

NESTLED HAVEN DEVELOPERS LLP hired NV Dynamics to assess the vibration produced by their construction activity like piling operations, deep excavation, shoring etc and to evaluate its effect on the structural integrity of the Woodlands hotel located adjacent to the construction site.

Seismic grade accelerometers were used at multiple locations along the perimeter of the compound wall of the hotel to assess the vibration impacts from construction activities. In addition to these tests, soil transmissibility assessments were also carried out using calibrated weight drop test at a set distance from the hotel compound wall.

Block Vibration Assessment

A new defense observatory building is currently under construction on the outskirts of Bangalore and this building, once built, is understood to house large equipment that is expected to generate vibrations in the building structure. As such the building structure and column elements are to be designed in such a way that the generated vibration frequencies by the equipment do not adversely affect the building structure.

NV Dynamics was hired in the early stages of the building construction to undertake free and forced vibration tests on a single piece of cast-in-place concrete block as per IS: 5249 standard and assist in deriving the natural frequencies, damping characteristics of the block and the soil co-efficients.

Ground vibration assessment near pile rig machine.

Shankaranarayana Constructions Private Limited engaged NV Dynamics for an assessment of vibration severity levels arising from the active metro construction, particularly the pile rig operations. The primary goal was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential impact of vibrations on the structural quality and integrity of nearby buildings in consideration of the ongoing construction activity. This evaluation aims to ensure the safety and stability of the existing structures in the vicinity.

The data was processed, ground borne vibration levels were computed using sophisticated software and simulation methods. After processing, DIN standard was used as reference for the present task for evaluating the extent of acceptable vibration due to site activities.

IQ System Controller RoW - Light pipe failure analysis.

Enphase Solar Energy Private Limited engaged NV Dynamics to conduct a failure analysis on the light pipe of a microgrid interconnection equipment: IQ System Controller RoW. This involved two specific operations on the equipment panel:

Drilling at specified openings using a hole saw tool with the drill machine operating at maximum speed (both on a bench and on a wall

Conducting wall drilling operations using a long concrete bit through the equipment panel.