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The association of working with Embassy Project Management team continues, we had a brand new assignment of assessing the impact of a large scale structural demolition to its adjoin apartment building space, a 3 Day full size site monitoring, interpretation and recommendations were concluded recently in accordance with international building code standards.

Product vibration performance validation was conducted for a New model of Air Conditioner Condenser unit for Danfoss; the task had good challenges in terms sensor mounting on the pipe circuits, correctly quantify the vibration severity and to share a number of valuable data with the customer.

ZPMC, is a large Chinese Heavy Engineering company who has multiple installations of ship to shore cranes at Indian shipping ports; our team conducted Natural Frequency validation studies on one their new installations at the Chennai port; the ultra-low frequency measurement posed a good challenge as a part of the task.

A large Metro Rail car manufacturer had engaged our services for both Noise Modelling and Test based activities. Upon successful completion of Noise Modelling, the physical car coach in operation were tested for their Noise performance and validated. This is a large size activity involving multiple resources and software tools and raised our activity profile to next level.

Embassy group is a large Real Estate project management team ; recently we worked on one of their on-site RT and NC curve determination task to comply with strict international building code norms. Multiple tests were conducted to assess office and enclosed space acoustic performance; these inputs are further used for compliance and certification, NV Dynamics played the key role in this task as a nodal agency to perform the Acoustic tests.

Chennai Metro Rail assigned us the task of assessing the Ground Borne vibrations at select locations both in the newly line tunnel section and as well at some of the house locations above the tunnel alignment. This task is to validate the actual data and comply with the prescribed International Standards, the campaign was for 3 nights at site followed by data processing and report submission.

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