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Shankaranarayana Constructions Private Limited assigned us the task to assess vibration severity levels from the ongoing metro construction activity involving pile rig machine. The purpose of this task was to assess how vibrations could potentially affect the quality and integrity of the existing buildings in the vicinity. NV Dynamics conducted these tests and produced results.

CIM Tools Pvt. Ltd retained NV Dynamics to assess floor vibrations caused by CNC turning machines in different operating conditions; this activity was carried-out to determine vibration levels on the first floor level where the considered machines will be relocated in the future. After processing the data and conducting a thorough analysis, actionable plans were recommended to the client based on the obtained results.

Enphase Solar Energy Private Limited hired us to examine the vibration during drilling operation on the housing of the PCB. Vibrations were measured on the PCB of IQ Battery for different boundary conditions by drilling hole on the left, right and rear conduit at max rpm of the drilling machine. The data was processed and based on the analysis and results obtained, action plans were suggested to the customer.

Colombo Dockyard PLC assigned us the task to measure noise and vibration on a cable laying vessel named C/S Sophie Germain, at Colombo dockyard, Sri Lanka. The cable repair vessel has been built in compliance with the vibration, noise and acoustic insulation according to the requirements of ISO 6954, Bureau Veritas rules for COMF-VIB 3 notation and IMO, MSC.337(91), Bureau Veritas rules for COMF-NOISE 2 notation respectively. To validate the compliance with the requirements of ISO, IMO and COMF class measurements were conducted by NV Dynamics team.