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Extending our working space to shipping industry, now NV Dynamics has succeeded in pursuing certificate from acclaimed Bureau Veritas. This will allow us to work on both flag and non-flag vessels in any part of the world. In addition to the on-board noise and vibration assessments, NV Dynamics is also certified to conduct underwater acoustic measurements.

One of the emerging EV manufacturers of three-wheeler vehicle in Mahadevapura, initiated a detailed assessment of noise and vibration for EV drive train system at both bench level and vehicle level. Similarities in dynamic response of vibration and noise parameters from both bench level and vehicle level tests are co-related to arrive at key frequencies that contributed to Noise and Vibration and their most probable causes. NV Dynamics also provided a customized software to keep track of these frequencies for their end of line testing.

Tata chemicals in Mithapur wanted to assess vibration of Turbine-Generator setup and its supporting platform. ‘Turbine-Generator Setup’ composed of steam turbine, single-stage speed reduction gearbox and generator. High vibration amplitudes were observed on some of the sub-systems and the support structure on which the turbine-generator setup was resting. NV Dynamics conducted these tests and produced results; key inputs on vibration mitigation plans were also recommended. 

Godrej retained NV Dynamics to undertake ground vibration assessments carried out at the proposed Godrej construction site. The assessment was to examine vibration severity levels from the proposed construction activities such as blasting, excavation etc and to comprehend the impact potential to the structure integrity of the existing buildings at Godrej site. The vibration assessments were carried out by dropping a solid mass weighing about 10 kg from a height of 6 meters to create the required impact at selected locations along the proposed construction boundary of site.