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Embassy Group installed a large number of pumps in one of their new IT facilities and wanted compliance certifications for their operation. Our team conducted vibration survey as per ISO 20816 and completed the task on tight schedule to make sure that the entire equipment is commissioned and operational as planned. 

Recently our team worked on assessing Centre of Gravity and Centre of Mass for a large cargo being transported by GE. The challenge was to assess the existing moments, displacements on the moving truck with its cargo and make appropriate calculations to reduce the risk of tipping over based on truck speed and its turning curvature. A good set of recommendations have been given for improved satiability during road transport. 

AutoLiv is a reknowned automotive safety systems manufacturer;  one of their product, the seat belt restrainer system is tested for high speed crash events and this impact creates large vibrations in the connected structural members. NV Dynamics conducted extensive tests to validate and certify the vibration severity levels.

Institute of Acoustics (IoA), UK formally elected Mr.Krishna, principal engineer at NV Dynamics to its membership portfolio. This recognition endorses our continued efforts in the domain of Noise and Acoustics and enhances our credibility to serve our customer.