Digital Marketing is not all that new, since ever the TV broadcasting went digital in late 90’s, there were products and services that were advertised on TV and sold. What we get to understand with the re-inventing of the digital  terminology has two folds, one is the number of mediums or channels that can be utilised and the second is the repeat visibility.

The platforms of digital marketing are being driven by ever updated technology advents and the gadgets that carry marketing information are becoming smaller and smaller by the day with higher technical specifications to handle large audio and video contents; wide spread internet connectivity helps further in reaching out a variety of customer base almost instantly.

Service portfolios, specifically of niche engineering segments find it a little hard to formulate contents for the digital marketing; beginning as a small enterprise and now becoming a medium size operator, NV Dynamics has tried putting up contents on YouTube, LinkedIn other high footfall platforms, but have met with limited reach and response.

Driven by this digital revolution all around and becoming better by the day, the need to go digital for marketing is more a default compulsion to succeed. Knowing that much of the customers are also on the digital platforms looking for the products and services, it is time to streamline and work towards digital marketing aggressively.