Product durability, operational life span and endurance are critical to any physical item made. This criteria becomes more stringent with the usage of the product in applications where the failures are either going to be very expensive or the product made is one-off type.

However, increasing sense of product quality and durability even for day to day products such as home appliances, Cellular phones, FMCG and personal usage vehicles have pushed the whole concept of testing and validating to a new paradigm.

There are many aspects to proving the product endurance depending on their usage environment and design considerations; dust, moisture, temperature, shock & vibrations are some of the considered parameters for proving the product credibility.

While there are individual testing setups for each of the above testing, combined testing rigs and setups do multiple tests together both gaining the advantage of cost, time savings and simulating the combined operational conditions of the product in real life.

From conducting drop tests of a milk packet to a cement bag, conducting reliability tests for cell phones to rockets, most products go through the stringent qualifications tests which is the new order of the day.

NV Dynamics, other than its expertise of testing product performance in real life operational setups, have also established Electro-dynamic shaker facility to cater to the industry needs; the plan is to add multiple testing facilities to cover the broader spectrum of product endurance testing in the coming days.

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