The term Acoustic has varied interpretations, one such that finds most relevance is "the sense of hearing". Again, there are also some cross talk on noise and acoustics and which is a higher order terminology. While noise can be broadly categorised as the disturbing source, acoustic would be more related to the property of the space that influences the perception of sound.

Going a little deeper into the origins of these words, it appears that the word Acoustic is referred in French and Greek books and literature as early as 1600 AD and noise and sound are more subsequent words and are originated more from its usage in Science.

Many of the kings of European and Arabian origins built a vast of number of community centers, prayer halls, auditoriums with great acoustical characteristics through the 15th to 18th centuries both at their home land and at most places where they had their rule.the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, the Golgumbaz INDIA and the colosseum ITALY

EXAMPLES : Saflieni Hypogeum, MALTA  , Gol GumbaZ INDIA , Colosseum ITALY

Modern day architecture has special challenges to account for in term of room and building acoustics. Highly cramped and densely populated towns, office spaces hosting large number of employees, public spaces like bus and rail stations, airports all require some form of acoustic treatments that suits the specifics of the usage and to manage Noise levels conforming both with Legal and social norms.

NV Dynamics, having worked in the Engineering noise space for over 15 years, now are working on many of Acoustic consultancy and execution projects; these mainly include high end resorts and health Spa, recording studios and content production centers. Using state of the art software and modelling tools, we are all poised to take on the Acoustic domain for bigger challenges.