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Project Description

The present task pertains to the vibration analysis of two large exhauster fans used in the sintering process and to determine the causes of their reported shaft vibrations at exhauster Units of Sinter plant in Bhilai steel plant.

For the entire task, Tri-axial accelerometers were mounted at DE & NDE side of the motor bearing housing and DE & NDE of the impeller fan. The drive system containing the synchronous motor, pin bush type coupler and the impeller fan were run at the operating speed and recording was done for both with load and no load condition for about 5 minutes continuously on the data acquisition system.

Using numerical integration method, vibration acceleration data is converted into vibration velocity. Further, the data is processed with peak-hold averaging to obtain the data in terms of frequency domain.

This test and its results confirm that the motor / fan units are operating within the rigid rotor concept and the critical frequency remains beyond the maximum operating speed of the system.