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Project Description

India, like the rest of the world, is implementing large scale urban transport systems to help ease the commuting time, safety and overall convenience to the users. Likewise, Pune IT City Metro Rail Limited (PITCMRL) retained NV Dynamics to investigate detailed assessment of noise and vibration for the entire alignment of 23.6km elevated metro line-3 at Pune city in India.

To assess the influence of metro rail induced airborne noise, as per the FTA recommendation a 16-hour daytime noise monitoring was conducted at each identified locations. The long term noise loggers were configured and set to record between daytime period of 6AM to 10PM each day at the listed locations and consecutively swapped to next locations in the order of locations as listed.

Similarly to assess to the ground borne vibrations in the absence of actual metro train operations, a qualified tripod weight dropping mechanism was setup at the identified locations. Seismic grade ultra-low frequency vibration sensors were configured in both vertical and horizontal directions at the location of weight dropping as reference and 2 more sets of vibration sensors were configured at 16 and 32 meter distances from the weight drop location.

The data was processed, Airborne Noise & Ground borne Vibration levels are computed and mapped over the entire area of its influence using sophisticated softwares and Simulation method. Based on the analysis results obtained, recommendations/action plans were suggested to the customer.