Kinematic analysis for large process belt drive

Large mechanical power transfers in steel plants are essential to drive conveyor belts that carry huge static and dynamic loads as a part of the process; the drive essentially will have powerful Motor connected to high torque gearboxes, the drive is connected usually via fluid couplings to transfer power with control of speed and torque in proportion.

Quality assessment of new bearings using Noise / Vibration parameters

High Precision bearings of p4 and p5 class rating needs to be assessed for their input quality performance to make sure spurious and re-conditioned bearings do not enter the OEM process. Since the bearings are for applications where product quality parameters are of stringent requirements, a special rig and measurement setup is required to prove their performance

Whole body Bump Testing on Car Frame

Of the many tests and qualification process an automotive car frame has to undergo, a skeletal space frame has to be tested for road load and bump response performance; the car is a new electric-vehicle in development and for the present test, it shall carry the payloads of instrumentation, batteries, its controls and other operational controls.

Experimental Modal Analysis of 660MW Generator

The origins of Dynamic assessments of vibration performance of physical objects goes to Aerospace and Automotive domain; however, with technology percolating into other streams of engineering, larger equipment are built to cater modern day requirements that call for a series of testing and validation for upfront prove their sustained operational performance.

Assessment of Rail and Airport Noise

Ground transmitted low frequency vibrations combined with high decibel sub-sonic boom Noise from the passenger aircraft movements were a cause of concern for the new project being built by the Aero City Hotel and Convention Centre, New Delhi in the vicinity of IGI Airport.

Vibration Qualifications For Metro Rail

Alstom is a world leader in many large Technology engineering products and processes; in one of their Indian projects, one of the task is to introduce indigenously built Metro Rail cars for local mass transport system.