Evaluation of Structural behavior of Wind Turbine

Renewable energy electrical power generation is a fast growing Industry and many companies are investing in this business. Like in many parts or the world and in India, Karnataka also has many such installations where wind based electrical energy is being generated.

Since the Wind Turbines are exposed to elements of nature lot more directly than other formats of power generation, the wind tower in particular are subjected to high energy wind loads that affect the dynamic performance of the system as a whole. This combined with the characteristics of the Strata where the tower is installed, further influence the dynamic stability of the tower and the wind turbine as a whole through its operational life.



RCC Roof Cricket Pitch Noise Mitigation

The sport of Cricket is a Game but is more a religion in many countries; In India, Cricket happens to be the most revered game with millions of fan following and a good number of qualified stadiums to support the sport.

Most of practice pitches are made as an integral part of the main stadium; however, Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) is planning for a high tech modern sheltered pitch to be constructed above the stadium building for use during rainy and other non-conducive seasons; the issues of Noise and Vibration created by the sport activity to the premises below the stadium terrace is investigated. 


Electrically Induced Vibrations

Caterpillar, famously known as CAT, has a huge world class manufacturing setup near Chennai  to support its production activities; many international brands of CNC machining centres are installed to cater to multiple manufacturing stages of the activity.

The reported problem of stray vibrations on the machine axis units was investigated to find its root cause and to work on possible solutions