RCC Roof Cricket Pitch Noise Mitigation


The sport of Cricket is a Game but is more a religion in many countries; In India, Cricket happens to be the most revered game with millions of fan following and a good number of qualified stadiums to support the sport.

Most of practice pitches are made as an integral part of the main stadium; however, Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) is planning for a high tech modern sheltered pitch to be constructed above the stadium building for use during rainy and other non-conducive seasons; the issues of Noise and Vibration created by the sport activity to the premises below the stadium terrace is investigated.


Electrically Induced Vibrations

Caterpillar, famously known as CAT, has a huge world class manufacturing setup near Chennai  to support its production activities; many international brands of CNC machining centres are installed to cater to multiple manufacturing stages of the activity.

The reported problem of stray vibrations on the machine axis units was investigated to find its root cause and to work on possible solutions

Road Load Data – An Automotive case

Operational Endurance of products for their performance is to be evaluated upfront before their inception into the real life usage. Engineering products and sub-systems in particular have to be assessed for types of failures, life span and such other parameters; of many tests that are performed on such products, endurance for dynamic forces and vibrations are important criteria.


Rail Track and Tunnel Wall Vibration qualifications – SMEC


Ground Borne vibrations are a key data that determines the requirement of structural reinforcements, strength, size and overall configuration detailing of Metro Rail Track and its supporting systems. Determining realistic values of vibration response (Dynamic response) for the Rail Track line is very vital and is an important design safety parameter.