Nitrogen Compressor Vibration Analysis

Compressed Nitrogen is an integral requirement of any steel processing industry; Nitrogen is used as a shielding gas to protect processes against ambient air and its oxidizing components (moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide), the specific uses are to form a shielding atmosphere during the vacuum degassing of molten metals, to form an inert atmosphere during continuous steel casting & to provide purification processes in aluminium production

Thus, the continued operational up-time and availability of compressed nitrogen is very essential, higher vibrations of the compressors are bound to cause for the equipment downtime and failures. For the present case of investigation, a set of reciprocating compressors operting in tandem are investigated for the reported high vibration problems; both structural and fluid dynamics are taken into consideration for identifying the root cause of the problem

Truck Assembly Line Noise Control

Large Automotive assembly lines have multiple components and sub-systems that get added to the main chassis frame each of which have specific functionalities in the due steps of its build-up as a complete vehicle

Multiple assembly lines operating in a single large assembly hall (hanger) tend to generate substantial Noise due to the assembly process that usually involve pneumatic and electric tools as the key sources of Noise. 

Human exposure to prolonged high doses of Noise is a health hazard and violates many of governing Noise limit standards and guidelines. It is essential to look at the sources of Noise, analyse them and work on remedial actions.

Whole body Bump Testing on Car Frame

Of the many tests and qualification process an automotive car frame has to undergo, a skeletal space frame has to be tested for road load and bump response performance; the car is a new electric-vehicle in development and for the present test, it shall carry the payloads of instrumentation, batteries, its controls and other operational controls.

Experimental Modal Analysis of 660MW Generator

The origins of Dynamic assessments of vibration performance of physical objects goes to Aerospace and Automotive domain; however, with technology percolating into other streams of engineering, larger equipment are built to cater modern day requirements that call for a series of testing and validation for upfront prove their sustained operational performance.