Noise Assessment on Petro-Chemical Pump

Flowserve is one of the leading petro chemical pump manufacturers globally. One of their petro chemical vane pump is to be assessed and investigated for the Noise parameters.

Fluid flow operations in mechanical systems need high rate of flow and pressure of the lubrication medium that are usually operated and controlled by different types of pumps. Likewise, petro-chemical pumps are used to extracting, refining and processing of petrochemical products.

Noise & Vibration is an integral phenomena of any dynamic system and high pressure pumps of the above kind are no exception, at times, N&V parameters tend to cross the prescribed limits and this requires to be checked and corrected.


Experimental Modal Analysis on 880MW Generator

To better understand any Structural Vibration behaviour, the resonant frequencies of a structure need to be identified and quantified. One of the Engineering methods to determine the structure response is Experimental Modal Analysis. In every development of a new or modifying the existing mechanical product, structural dynamics testing on product is preformed to assess its dynamic enactment.

GE Power (General Electric) is one of the largest designer, manufacturer and supplier of Power generation equipment.

One of their subsidiary plants in India have developed 880MW AC Generator that is to be qualified for its Eigenvalue performance.


Vibration Investigation on Drive Motors

Steel Plants comprise high power mechanical transfer systems that are used for large material transfers; the typical drive arrangement consist of a variable frequency driven AC Motor, mechanical fluid coupling, gear box and finally the drive belt rollers.

Paul Wurth (PW), Italy is a world renowned Blast furnace and other process industry related technology company. Of the many projects and installations that PW has commissioned world over, India also happens to be their prime business area and are involved with multiple large steel industries.


Evaluation of Structural behavior of Wind Turbine

Renewable energy electrical power generation is a fast growing Industry and many companies are investing in this business. Like in many parts or the world and in India, Karnataka also has many such installations where wind based electrical energy is being generated.

Since the Wind Turbines are exposed to elements of nature lot more directly than other formats of power generation, the wind tower in particular are subjected to high energy wind loads that affect the dynamic performance of the system as a whole. This combined with the characteristics of the Strata where the tower is installed, further influence the dynamic stability of the tower and the wind turbine as a whole through its operational life.