Project Description

One of the large Bus and Truck manufacturing companies in India has its assembly unit at Hosur in Tamil Nadu; the state of the art assembly line/s have modern equipment and processes in place to put together bus and truck units at their large hanger facilities.

The customer is concerned about the Noise exposure to its workman who are exposed to assembly induced Noise and engaged NV Dynamics to look in to this issue; after the initial assessment of the boundary conditions of the floor, assembly line and the other influencing factors, a detailed test plan is worked out to assess and analyse the background noise, reverberation time and Noise originating from each of the assembly process, both at close proximity and as well at far fields. The Noise assessments were made for the entire length of the assembly line running to over 50 Meters.


With the data processed, a series of active and passive noise reduction plans have been worked out and the same is proposed to customer for their approval; once implemented, the expected noise reduction is by about 15dB (A) and this should be bring down the existing Noise levels in the assembly floor substantially