Project Description

PaulWurth, Italy, is the world leader in Iron & Steel blast furnace as an integrated end to end technology partner to many large steel industries world over. TATA Steel in India has huge operations in steel business and have multiple Blast Furnace units commissioned by PaulWurth.

In one of the their latest installation, the drives are configured at ground level and at about 32 meter height on fabricated / Reinforced structure as the head required for coal supply to the blast furnace downstream demands for this configuration. As the drive motors are connected to the main gearbox through the Fluid couplings, large quantity of torsional forces are generated across the fluid coupling further transferring the high severity vibrations to both the drive motor structure and to the connected ground mass. 

Detailed investigations were carried out to understand the root cause of problem, transfer paths and to assess the dynamic stability of the supporting structural members; comprehensive data analysis and inference resulted in working out multiple actions plans to address the vibration issues.