Project Description

One of the Asia’s leading bearing manufacturer reported receiving complaints from OEMs that the bearing supplied to them tend to show large scatter in life performance as against certified number of hours. Vendor is looking out for a qualified method to assess and validate the bearing life performance even before they are put to their designated use; while there are ready apparatus to test bearings of larger size, small and precision bearings are hard to be tested due to requirement of quality setup and obtaining parametric values that indicate their performance.

NV Dynamics developed a special rig with both noise and vibration as the measurable parameters and further went ahead testing a sizeable lot of precision bearings in an acoustically controlled environment; with high frequency acoustic emission sensor combined with close proximity precision microphone as a part of the setup, data were evaluated, assessed and using special software tools performance identifiers were extracted, some of the bearings qualified through this process are put on life cycle trials to establish the credibility of assessments made using the test method, the results look to very encouraging and vendor reports that the rejection and failure rates have substantially reduced.