Project Description

The task had a two-fold consideration to be made for; firstly, the construction area falls in the high acoustic exposure zone where considerable noise from the Passenger Aircraft take-off is perceived, since the runway corridor is perpendicular to the project alignment, the sub-sonic noise increases upon take-off and turning in line with the construction site.

The Airport Metro Rail line runs at close proximity to the construction project site and with every approaching train to the station, both the deceleration and braking forces tend to introduce vibration to the adjoining ground mass and propagate to the near surroundings.

Using Omni-directional array microphones, ground vibration sensor sets with other proprietary analysis tools, Noise from over 100 flights and about 150 Metro Rail movements were recorded; detailed analysis of data revealed key pointers to approach and address the problem. Detailed technical report with findings and recommendations were submitted for further actions.