Project Description

Sound Power, is the absolute Noise radiated by any equipment; determining the sound power of an equipment is guided by many international standards; in any case, the basic method to initially gather the Noise data is by Sound Pressure, either by using an array of microphones configured around the equipment or to use Sound Intensity probes to gather AI and RI values around the equipment. Further processing of data allows deriving Sound Power values.

Since the equipment in consideration is large and is located in its assembled condition in the shop floor, sound power assessments are preferably done using ISO 3744 which states "Determination of sound power levels of noise sources using sound pressure - Engineering method in an essentially free field over a reflecting plane"; this method is more suitable for the case as Sound Intensity method consumes large amounts of time to cover the entire surfaces over the equipment enclosure and using Anechoic chambers for such large equipment is practically not feasible.

In all, we are working on 8 lubrication systems and the results produced are well acknowledged by the end customer.