Project Description

The RCC roof top cricket pitch and the typical activities associated with the game of cricket induces considerable forces on the floor (like running, bowling, batting, ball tapping etc); this energy is both radiated as vibration to the surroundings and is considerably converted to Noise energy beneath the RCC slab; since there are multiple rooms and office spaces below the roof slab, the Noise thus created are an occupational nuisance and is also detrimental to the overall guest experience.

A series of tests were carried out at one of the proposed sites of KSCA to identify typical frequencies and magnitudes of vibrations caused by cricket playing activity; the Noise and Vibration quantities were analysed and a full proposal to isolate the impending impact from translating into noise energy beneath the floor space is worked out. The consulting activity to implement the recommendations are in progress; a validation study will be conducted upon completion of implementation cycle.