Project Description

Cleantech Telecom is in the business of maintenance and audit of high rise telecom towers all over India; as a part of the innovation and to add value to customer deliverables, Cleantech is planning to introduce tower movement monitoring at various site locations and to make it autonomous and centrally monitored. NV Dynamics is working on a POC project to gather X-Y movements of the tower using inertial sensors and to make the hardwired system to monitor the towers autonomously.

Exposed to varying wind velocities, the tower undergoes substantial amounts of dynamic loads all through its operational cycle. While the towers are designed with much of these loads being considered as inputs, but there are many cases and locations where wind speeds and their impact are much likely to cause damage to the structure.

The present activity is to gather oscillation movements of such a tower due to wind induced loads.  With multiple tower oscillation data collected in subsequent activities, credible inputs data will be generated for tower design considerations.