Project Description

Continental Automotive, leader of automotive sub-systems that manufactures the product in consideration for the present task is a small size fuel pump that will be located inside the petrol tank of a scooter variant. Functionally, the pump is to supply fuel to engine system in a controlled way based on the working requirements of the scooter. However, since the pump undergoes much of vibration loads during its real life use due to driving and road conditions, the pump unit has to be assessed for its tolerance to such loads.

There are accelerated electro-dynamic shaker based tests that are in practice to evaluate the product for road load induced vibrations; in the absence of any such test procedure and availability of data, physical road tests are conducted to gather actual real time data involving the product under test. The present exercise is to put the pump unit under such evaluation and gather much of vibration data from various road operating conditions. The end goal is to generate an equivalent acceleration vibration curve (also called PSD – Power Spectral Density) that could be used on a closed loop Electro-Dynamic shaker system where the tests can be repeated.

In all, about 80KM of mixed road condition data were recorded; tri-axial accelerometer were mounted on the fuel pump and on mount closure units inside the petrol tank with hermetically sealed cables. The data is processed using specific software to tools to obtain PSD curves further to be used in Accelerated testing of fuel pumps on Electro-Dynamic shaker.