Project Description

The present task is focussed around gathering long duration multi-train pass vibration data alongside the Track line inside the Metro Tunnel, process the data as per the agreed guidelines to obtain specific vibration data outputs.

SMEC is a large civil structural engineering consulting team; based out of Australia, the team is involved in large construction and engineering projects worldwide and now in India with many of metro rail assignments. To offer optimal design of structural components to the new line in Mumbai Metro, SMEC is evaluating vibration response performance from existing Tunnel alignment tracks in Chennai and Dehli Metro to generate credible structural response data and to offer optimised design inputs to the Mumbai Metro Line 3. The first phase of the activity was conducted in Chennai Metro Lines.

NV Dynamics, as an expert in the domain of Noise & Vibration for Urban Transport systems, configured a complete test setup at multiple locations in the Tunnel stretch, measured and recorded the vibration data, analysed and generated a series of output results that are presented to SMEC for their consideration into structural design.