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The Science of Noise & Vibration

Experience the Science of Noise and Vibration, its scope and extent to refine the product and process, work on the intricacies of how Noise and Vibration work as the two gossamers of same problem; design your thoughts that give shapes to a quieter & better engineered product, think of NV Dynamics.


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For us, the engineering consulting activity is a wholesome involvement to compliment the seriousness of customer problem with our NVH domain knowledge, best of practices and commitment to deliver the solutions.



From qualified Human resources to spectrum of NVH instrumentation & Transducers, from software tools for various solutions to qualified processes for data processing and analysis, we have the right profile of resources.


What's New

    Beginning this year, we are supporting many Engineering college students for their project activities; we accommodate multi-level support for these students beginning from defining the scope and content and then on to conduct tests as relevant to their case and finally to support them to prepare the project reports. 



    On 25th and 26th of April 2018, NV Dynamics conducted a 2 day intensive Course on Noise and Vibration to DURA AUTO at Hyderabad; DURA Automotive Systems is a leading independent designer and manufacturer of driver control systems, seating control systems, safety hardware, structural body systems, exterior trim and integrated glass systems. The training was focussed around raising the overall knowledge of NVH to the team and in specific to their products and problems.


  • NVH Training requirements are on a rise, we have enquires from GMR, TAFE, SIEMENS and MTU (Indian Navy) to conduct application specific NVH programs to their team and all these are lined up starting from June 2018.


  • To increase our laboratory resources, we recently added a large force impact hammer (5000lbf) and as well a good number of type 1 microphones; this is in addition to the our all new acquisition of 24 channel NI cDaq data acquisition system and related Signal Xpress software + S&V Toolkit.